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Revenue Sharing

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Soil and Oil: dirty business in Sudan

Analysis of the intersection between human rights abuses and economic and commercial activity in Sudan: agriculture and oil

United States Praises Signing of Southern Sudan Constitution

State Department affirms support for African Union-mediated talks on Darfur

A dispute over oil revenue sharing jeopardises Sudan budget

A dispute over oil revenue sharing could half the new south Sudan government's budget

Sudan to raise crude output to 500,000 by year end

Sudan will open a fourth crude pipeline with a capacity of 150,000 barrels per day (bpd) by the end of the year

Sudan forms panel to share oil wealth with former rebel SPLM

The oil commission will be co-chaired by al-Beshir and the president of the southern Sudan government

Consultations underway to set up petroleum commissions

Consultations are being conducted between NC and SPLM toward completing establishment of the Evaluation, Resources and Petroleum Commissions

New Sudanese currency to circulate by mid-2006

The pound will replace the Sudanese dinar, which currently trades at around 240 to the U.S. dollar.

Sudan Government Formation Delayed

Analysts here say the delays are due to a power struggle for control of Sudan's Ministry of Mining and Energy

New first vice-president, finance minister, discuss Sudan’s economy

The ministers briefed Kiir on the general performance of the Sudanese economy in the previous years as well as objectives of the general budget for the year 2005

Sudanese oil, could it now bring about the peace

An agreement to divide the revenues has been reached although the final percentages have yet to be determined

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