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White Nile Petroleum Operating Corporation response to concerns over water contamination


WNPOC categorically denies and resents recent accusations by Sign Of Hope (SOH) alleging that WNPOC’s operations have caused water contamination as they are baseless and unjustified. Further WNPOC conduct its operations in close co-operation and under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM). It has been WNPOC policy to always adhere to international HSE standard in carrying out its operations and strictly emphasise on zero pollutant and discharge, in sensitive ecological areas, such as the Sudd Swamps. This policy is fortified by the certification of WNPOC HSE’s adherence under the ISO 14001 (For Environmental Management System).

The EIA carried out for Block 5A reflected that the underground water in the Sudd Basin has a naturally high salinity. Soil analysis proves that the nature of the soil, in the area, has negligible permeability, thus virtually eliminating vertical and horizontal migration. The alleged elevated concentrations of the "contaminants", reported by SOH, do not bear any resemblance to our Produced Water samples.

Mindful that the natural charateristics of the water around that area is saline which is reflected in our EIA Report WNPOC, as part of Community Development, built a water treatment for the local communities. With regards to the mud pits, all of them are back filled and covered according to international standards and practices. 

As a responsible operator, WNPOC continuously conducts tests and monitors the quality and properties of the Produced Water from our operations. In addition WNPOC conducts regular internal audit, gives full co-operation and is transparent to the Government of Unity and Government of Southern Sudan whenever they require information or conduct visits. In addition the oil industry operation in Sudan including WNPOC, had been audited by a Norwegian Directorate For Nature Management. WNPOC has also been informed that an international and reputable consultancy company (a third party) is being appointed by the MEM to conduct a fact finding study, in relation to SOH’s allegations. In short WNPOC has always strictly complied with all the environmental regulations, procedures, and international best practices in carrying out its operations.