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South Sudan expenditures exceed revenues: official

Soaked in oil: The cost of war in South Sudan

South Sudan's oil revenue only about $10/barrel

Cheap Oil Is Devastating South Sudan

Press release: will Star shine for South Sudan?

China Halts Weapons Sales to South Sudan

China and South Sudan: economic engagement continues amid conflict

The on-going conflict is unlikely to bring about a dramatic shift in China’s economic engagement with Juba, but it is certainly leading to more prudence by potential Chinese investors, as well as delays in project completion.

UN says China not yet deploying peacekeepers in South Sudan

China will send 700 soldiers to a U.N. peacekeeping force in South Sudan later this year to protect civilians amid a rebellion in the African country, a U.N. official said on Wednesday.

China deploys troops in South Sudan to defend oil fields, workers

China began deploying 700 soldiers to a United Nations peacekeeping force in South Sudan to help guard the country's embattled oil fields and protect Chinese workers and installations, a spokesman for the African nation's president said Tuesday.

Oil Companies reject loan request by Kiir government

International oil companies operating in South Sudan recently rejected a request by the South Sudanese government for an advance on oil earnings, according to a report by a leading financial newspaper.