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Southern Sudan's Precarious Peace

Both north and south Sudan have said that they will adhere to a ruling over the demarcation of the disputed borders of oil-rich Abyei.

Sudan to export first shipment of Ethanol

Sudan exported a first shipment of five million liters Ethanol, produced by Kenana Sugar Company, to the EU. In Sudan Ethanol will be used as fuel for cars.

Sudan expects a 10% drop in oil productivity by 2019

Sudan's energy minister expects the oil productivity in Sudan to drop by 10% a decade from now.

Sudan Oil And Gas Report Q1 2010

Sudan shares a ninth place in BMI's updated Upstream Business Environment rating. The country's score suffers from very poor country risk issues, the absence of gas resources and significant state influence. Unless the risk profile changes for the better, Sudan will struggle to edge further away from the foot of the table, in spite of healthy oil resources. (Summary of report).

Energy politics and the South Sudan referendum: Anatomy of a Resource Curse

To guarantee peace and mutual economic benefits, the North and South need to focus on promoting interdependence and fostering linkages based on an enhanced level of trust. Otherwise, all the parties involved in the conflict are heading fast into the abyss, Dr. D'Agoôt warns.

Sudan sells Dar blend load for January at weaker differentials

Sudapet has sold 2.6 million barrels of heavy sweet Dar Blend crude for January loading at a discount of between $9.00 and $9.70.

India builds on Sudanese oil interests

Sudan and India signed a deal to pave the way for increased oil production and exploration and infrastructure development.

American Funds Refuse to Divest from Sudan

Investors Against Genocide chairman Eric Cohen says royalty payments by Chinese oil companies are funding the Khartoum government.

Sign of Hope responds to WNPOC's reaction

Sign of Hope (SOH) respons to WNPOC's statement which labels the findings of SOH as ‘baseless and unjustified’. SOH found contaminated drinking water sources in part of Unity State where WNPOC operates.

White Nile Petroleum Operating Corporation response to concerns over water contamination

WNPOC categorically denies and resents accusations by Sign Of Hope (SOH) alleging that its operations have caused water contamination.

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