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17 June 2002


Oil exploitation kills people and undermines peace prospects in the Sudan!





The exploitation of oil in Sudan contributes to massive human suffering and undermines the peace prospects in the country.


The Sudanese Concerned Communities in Netherlands are greatly disturbed by the recent developments in the oil fields and by the human costs of the government of Sudan’s methods to ensure the security of your company’s operations.


The recent report from the European Coalition on oil in Sudan (attached) indicate that in the areas of oil production - as far as Talisman’s concession area is concerned especially in Ruweng County - a dramatic military operation started in October 2001, which has led to gross and severe human rights violations. Villages were set on fire and razed to the ground. Many people were killed or abducted. Those who survived were displaced. Women and children have been enslaved.


The Sudanese Community is aware that Talisman (Greater Nile) B.V. profits from the Sudanese oil business after taxes in 2000 alone amounted to $ 113.970.000, -. You are enriching yourselves through the merciless and barbaric depopulation campaigns of the Government of the Sudan.


The prospect for even larger revenues is currently deminishing the government’s desire to seek peace through a negotiated settlement. Instead, it is increasingly tempted to seek victory, which can only be achieved through the extermination of the southern Sudanese peoples.


The Sudanese Community in the Netherlands, and elsewhere believe that the international oil companies carry a heavy responsibility for the unfolding human catastrophe.


The people of Sudan have suffered enough and yearn today for a just comprehensive peace. This peace can only come through the good will from the international community.




In view of these consideration, the Sudanese Community in the Netherlands, and elsewhere urges Talisman to suspend its operation in the Sudan until there is a just and lasting peace in the country.


Meanwhile, the SCCN, as members of the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan, is appealing to the Dutch Parliament to inists that the Dutch government takes decisive staps against your presence in this country.


Accept our sincere concerns,



The Sudanese Concerned Community in Netherlands SCCN




Gwado J. Ador - Chairman.

Imad A. Babikkir - Secretary General.

Willam Vito Akuar - Secretary for Human Right Affairs.

Osman K. Solma - Secretary for Oil Affairs.


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3501 DH Utrecht, Netherlands

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C.c. The European Coalition on oil in Sudan.


C.c. The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development.

C.c. Members of the Dutch Parliaments