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CNPC signs new agreements with Sudan

CNPC has signed three oil and gas cooperation agreements with the government of Sudan.

China and Sudan sign new oil gas cooperation agreements

Sudan and CNPC signed three new oil and gas cooperation agreements.

From blood to oil, the curse of a Sudanese village

Civilians in New Rier, Unity State, are suffering from water which is contaminated by WNPOC's industry. A German NGO found alarming water contamination by salts and heavy metals.

Sudan's White Nile marshes threatened by oil production

German NGO Sign of Hope has led a
fact-finding mission which revealed alarming pollution levels. Water contaminated with heavy metals affects 4,000 square kilometers with 300,000 inhabitants

Sudan oil production goes less than 500,000 bpd

The average of Sudan's actual oil production in 2008/2009 is 470,000 barrels per day according to the minister of energy.

Interview: Sudan oil output falls short of estimates - minister

* Sudan output falls short of estimates
* Plans for new oil refinery Port Sudan shelved indefinitely

India sells 600k of Nile Blend for December

India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) has sold via tender a 600,000 barrel-cargo of heavy sweet Nile Blend crude for December, to Mitsubishi.

Minister stresses on need to build less costly refinery in South Sudan

The Sudan’s state minister of Energy and Mining, stresses the importance of conducting a proper feasibility study in pursuit of building a less costly oil refinery in Southern Sudan.

Sudan issues tender for December Nile Blend crude

Sudan has issued a new tender to sell 1.8 million barrels of heavy sweet Nile Blend crude for December.

Africa's new apartheid

In many countries of sub-Saharan Africa, businesses aren't owned by the local people but by Europeans and Asians. This results in a new kind of apartheid, according to Glenn Hubbard. He calls for a new movement against it.

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